Where To Buy Kings Kimchi

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Married... with dinner
Cameron and Anita chronicle "the continuing adventures of a couple of San Francisco food dorks."

After a bit of a setback trying to make their own kimchi, they turned to King's Asian Gourmet Kimchi to create some mouth-watering Korean Rib-Eye Tacos.

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Drill Coach at Livestrong.com
Guylaine Cadorette blogs about healthy lifestyles and let her readers know about the healthy benefits of eating kimchi:

"The good news is you can buy kimchi ready made. You can find jarred kimchi, like King's Kimchi, in Asian markets or in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket."

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I Heart Yogurt
Sui Subaru-Kan blogs about her love of yogurt, curry, bibimap, kimchi and more:

"I purchased a jar of King's Kimchi today and proceeded to wolf down half of it. I am a monster when it comes to kimchi. I am not kidding, I devoured seven ounces of fermented spicy Napa cabbage in the past few hours... Yummy."